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pl 2303ta usb to ttl serial port module silver blue купить по лучшей цене

CP2102 chip is the best most stable chip in USB to serial port chip; Great performance; Reliable fast and stable; Small size; Compatible w/ 3.3V and 5V; Support 3.3V SCM such as ARM STM32 and DSP other module only compatible 5V level but no output; Power output: 5V / 500mA 3.3V / 100mA; With over current protection: auto off fuse if there is short or current beyond 500mA; Fuse become normal if circuit is in non-shorted state; With receiving / transmitting indicator convenient to debug; With TTL port: connect to SCM or other device such as 51 STC AVR ARM and FPGA etc.; RS232 port: connect to computer or RS232 level serial device; RS485 port: auto receiving / transmitting control without cable; Four level switch freely: unique design USB TTL RS232 and RS485 can switch freely convenient and reliable no interference; High speed communication: up to 2Mbps; DTR RTS signal support BSL download of MSP430; Industrial chip SMD by machine elegant and fine; Supports Win8 / 7 / XP / 2K / CE Linux Mac 32bit / 64bit
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