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Gastropods pest are largely neglected in the literature of pest control methods. Terrestrial/ aquatic snails and slugs are destructive pest of field crops/aquatic vegetation and gardens. Gastropods also act as intermediate host of many helminthic species. Fasciolosis and schistosomiasis are included in the list of important helminthiasis. Both have long impact on cattle and human health and economy. One of the effective tools to control helminthiasis is to destroy the carrier snails, to de-link the life cycle of the flukes. The present book highlights the major control methods of gastropods pest of horticulture/agriculture and carrier snails of different flukes. The major control measures, which are commonly used now a days are cultural/biological/mechanical and by synthetic/plant derived products. Recent researches, on snail control measures include use of cow urine/dung, bait formulations and synergistic combinations against harmful gastropods are also discussed. Snail trapping by different attractants used in bait formulation and phytotherapy of snails is one of the emerging methods in control of helminthiasis. Present book is useful to the agriculturist/livestock users.

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