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Reading Romantic Dining Time is a warm and surprising journey of design! Here, you will find the colourful restaurant from the city of Beethoven, the dramatic burger restaurant, the fresh and aesthetic restaurant in Tokyo, the vintage British bistro with geometric shapes and classic letterforms… One of the design works is even inspired by the chef's travel experience around the world! In these places, people gather together to have a warm conversation or spend a cosy time all alone. Bored teenagers, tired office workers, housewives on their way of shopping or crazy men like the one in Van Gogh's painting will all enjoy their time in these places. Here, food in no longer the priority, the wonderful design offers them endless happiness. That is the charm of design. This book is rooted in the thorough exchange and discussion between the editor and cutting-edge designers from all over the world on the branding and space design of small- and medium-size restaurants. On this basis, it further digs into every case's features and highlights, expressing the charming design soul of each designer. The designers look for the places where design is necessary with their modest yet sharp sights, and then place each design detail on its accurate location. This book is divided into several categories: Mexican Restaurant, Spanish Restaurant, French Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, British Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Mediterranean Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant, Bistro, Islamic Restaurant, Vegetarian Restaurant, Pizza House, Fast-food Restaurant, Barbecue Restaurant and other Creative Restaurants. The selected 86 design cases illustrate systematically how the graphic and space design of restaurant works and reveal the infinite potentials of restaurant design.
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