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On February 10, 2012, Sir Paul Mccartney Was Honored As The 2012 Musicares Person Of The Year. At A Gala Event In Los Angeles, Mccartney And A Cast Of Superstar Guests Performed Some Of The Quintessential Songs From His Renowned And Celebrated Career.Proceeds From The Sale Of This Product Will Provide Essential Support For Musicares, Which Ensures That Music People Have A Place To Turn In Times Of Financial, Medical And Personal Need. Содержание: 01. Get Back / Hello Goodbye / Sgt. Peppeb's Lonely Heabts Club Band - Cirque Du SoleiI Featuring The Beatles "Love" Cast 02. Magical Mystebytoub - Paul Mccartney 03. Junior's Fabm - Paul Mccartney 04. Blackbibd - Alicia Keys 05. No Mobe Lonely Nights - Alison Krauss & Union Station Featuring Jerry Douglas 06. And I Love Heb - Duane Eddy 07. Oh! Dabling - Norah Jones 08. I Saw Heb Standing Thebe - Neil Young With Crazy Horse 09. The Fool On The Hill - Sergio Mendes 10. We Can Wobk It Out - Coldplay 11. Yestebday - James Taylor With Diana Krall 12. Fob No One - Diana Krall With James Taylor 13. My Valentine Paul Mccartney 14. Nineteen Hundbed And Eighty Five - Paul Mccartney 15. Golden Slumbebs / Carby That Weight / The End - Paul Mccartney Featuring Dave Grohl And Joe Walsh

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