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The use of electrical networks for telecommunications has been known since the beginning of the twentieth century [Ahola03]. Recent and growing research interest has indicated that PowerLine Communications (PLC) is the threshold for achieving broadband delivery particularly in very dispersed and low teledensity areas. Currently, there are numerous PLC trials and commercial deployments underway inside and outside South Africa. Nevertheless, these PLC deployments are very isolated, done without clear methodology and performance remains bound to the physical layout of the electrical network. Though, PLC technical challenges are being addressed, there has been little analysis and research work that is focused on the “Development of Methodologies for Deploying and Implementing Local & Medium Area Broadband Power Line in Residential and Office Electric Grids” that would lead to broadband PLC being adopted and be of greater use to non-broadband communities of South Africa. In combination with networking communication theories, the research explored and analyzed the extent of PLC in providing broadband communication to residential and office electric grids at the University Fort Hare.

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