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original earson er 151 waterproof shockproof bluetooth speaker for iphone 6 smartphone купить по лучшей цене

Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you go outdoor for hiking, climbing, camping over night? Will you go street dancing or square dancing in the day or at night? Our brand new Earson ER-159 colorful LED outdoor speaker is super gorgeous to meet all your needs. This nice stylish Bluetooth speaker has 4 music wall light modes and 2 LED light modes, and you will say “WOW” when you turn them on. Its colorful light show greatly brings you Party feeling and works as a lighthouse in your journey. Moreover, its high quality loud sound perfectly fit for outdoor needs. Come with a portable handle, it is convenient to carry and will not cover the light. With the amazing LED Light show and HD sound, Earson ER-159 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker gives optimal pleasure to your eyes and ears, you will never miss it. Features Multifunctional outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Wireless Stereo Bluetooth + 3.5mm Wired Speaker Function + TF Card / U Disk Play + FM Radio + LED Light / Color Music Wall Light. Powerful LED Light has two brightness adjustment for your clear view in the dark; perfectly suitable for hiking, traveling and other outdoor activities. Four modes of colorful Music Wall Light bring your eyes a luxury feast when listening to music, very suitable for camping, dancing, parties, etc. Built-in high-performance dual speakers, bright treble, deep bass, bring you perfect music and high quality loud sound. Support wirelessly playing music by Bluetooth; also support Aux wired speaker function by connecting external device to the AUX IN port of speaker via the included AUX cable. Support TF card and the U Disk music play, and FM radio. Built-in high capacity rechargeable 1000mAh Lithium battery ensures long time music play; its USB port can supply power to other mobile devices. Powered by a included Micro USB charge port. With portable handle, easy and convenient to carry. Specifications Brand EARSON Model ER-159 Weight 1.1kg Size 49*43*43mm Working Voltage 3.7V Charging Voltage DC5V 1000mAh Battery Lithium battery 8000 mAh SNR ≥65dB Distortion ≤1% Speaker Unit 6Ω 10W Frequency response 40Hz-20KHz FuctionTF Card, Bluetooth,USB Charging, AUX, FM Connection method Bluetooth 4.0+ 3.5mm audio port Compatible almost all smart phones,tablets and notebooks as well as Bluetooth device
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