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Travel Partner for Charging ORICO UCA-4U can be used to charge 4 USB-enabled devices such as cellphones, tablets, power banks, eBook readers and so on, which provides enough ports for your charging requirements while travelling. Incredibly Intelligent, High Accuracy Integrated with fast charging technology, ORICO UCA-4U is capable of detecting the attached device as it adjusts itself depending on the most appropriate current level, accurately charging while protecting your car and electronic devices. Wide Compatibility Meets Your Needs ORICO UCA-4U is capable of charging cellphones, tablets, eBook readers, mini speakers and other 5V charging digital gadgets whether in cars with DC 12V port or in coach or truck with DC 24V, meeting your different needs. Multi-protection Safety System ORICO's multi-protection safety system ensures complete protection for attached devices from electrical short circuit, over heat, electric surge, over charging, over current and etc. Charging safely in even brutal environments. High Strength, High Quality Its beautiful matte chassis made of high temperature resistant composite makes it fireproof of up to 750℃, anticorrosive, nontoxic and unleaded. Two Electrical Contacts Avoid Skidding Two electrical contacts made of copper-nickel alloy featuring scratch resistant, anti-oxidative and strong conductivity prevent the charger from skidding because of shock, user-friendly. Specification Port 4 USB Charging Ports IC Intelligent Identification IC Protection System Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection etc. Input DC 12 / 24V Compatible Devices Devices with 12V / 24V Output Cigarette Lighter Dimension 80 x 45 x 25mm Certificate CE / FCC
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