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ORICO 2.5-inch Aluminum Alloy USB3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure, featuring with tool-free design, is a great protector for your data and hard drive. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 has a maximum data transfer rate of 5Gbps, 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and 20% faster than traditional USB 3.0; also, with UASP Transfer Protocol, effectively reduces CPU utilization, data delay and waiting time. High Performance A combination of Aluminum Alloy casing, Anodizing Cover and Shock-absorbing Silicone Pad will well protect all your data. Great Data Protector All the previous data or photos are of great value and can't be replaced, and do not imprison those beautiful memories in an old broken computer. Here is the solution, with ORICO 2.5-inch Aluminum Alloy USB3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure, all your data will be safe. Tool-free Installation It's quite easy to slip the cover and install the hard drive in 3s with simple and convenient design. Super-large Storage Expansion Support 2TB 2.5-inch SATA hard drive, with quick reading and writing, free to set up your personal massive database, keeping all your data like movies, music, photos, documents and so on. Fast Data Transferring USB 3.0 supports transfer rates up to 5 Gbps theoretically. And please note that the actual transmission speed is limited by the setting of the device connected. Excellent Heat Dissipation With heat emission hole design, dissipates heat and keeps your hard drive in well working status, which guarantees stable data transmission and no interruption. Specifications Brand ORICO Model 2528U3 Material Aluminum Alloy & ABS Output USB3.0 Micro B Speed USB3.0 5Gbps Installation Tool-free Max Capacity Support 2TB Indicator Blue LED Indicator Color Silver Dimension 133 x 80 x 16mm Package Contents1 x Hard Drive Enclosure 1 x USB3.0 Cable 1 x User Manual
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