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This book is covering the influence of jatropha oil cakes as concentrated organic manure on vegetable crop green chillies. Organic materials such as vermicompost, poultry manure, oilcakes,, green manures and crop residues can substitute inorganic fertilizers to maintain productivity and environmental quality. Oil cakes are concentrated organic manures. After the oil is extracted from oil seeds, the remaining solid portion is dried as cake and as organic manure. Jatropha cake one of the non edible oil cake serve as a good source of organic manure especially for horticultural crops, as these contain high amount of plant nutrients. The jatropha oil cake cannot be used as animal feed, because of its toxic principles or antifactors and hence can be used as organic manure. Combined application of organic and inorganics manures resulted better crop growth and quality parameters in green chillies. Remarkably improvement in soil health (fertility) was also observed. Therefore, application of 75 per cent jatropha oil cake and 25 per cent RDF with three per cent foliar spray of panchagavya was found to be the best suited management practice for green chillies.
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