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on sale mayerplus 600w double chip led grow light full spectrum for 410 730nm indoor plants and flowering high yield droshipping купить по лучшей цене

Video The miniature design of the JJRC hexacopter has the ability to be safely operated indoors and outdoors. With one press of a button, the hexacopter can perform a 360-degree roll over for an improved performance. The 6-axis gyro stabilizing system will provide you with a more stable and flexible performance. The LED light on the JJRC drone will allow you to operate the drone at night time without potentially losing it. Features Headless Mode With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position before flying. One Key Return Just press the returning button, JJRC H20 Mini Hexacopter would go back automatically without any other operation, easy and quick. Fantastic 360 Degree Rolling OverJust press the key, and you will get a 360-degree continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. 2.4G Hz Remote ControlMore accurate and more agile ccontrol with longer range. 6-Axis Gyro Stablization SystemProvides more stability and flexibility for high performance. Indoor and Outdoor OperationAllows for both indoor and outdoor take-off and operation. Gorgeous LED LightAllows for nightime flight and flight in the darkness. Specification Product Name Six-Axis Remote Control Drone Aircraft Product Size 10.5 x 10 x 2.5cm Light LED light Brand JJR/C Color Gold, Red Configured Frequency 2.4GHz Channel 4 Material ABS plastic Remote Control Range 100M Battery 3.7V, 150mAh Charging Time 45min
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