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(1)1.3 Inch Round IPS Screen 1.3 Inch high-resolution round full touch screen, makes the displayed content more vivid and beautiful. Bigger screen, fit the width of the wrist, bring a pleasant feeling of wearing. (2)Real-time Heart Rate Monitor/Blood Pressure Monitor/Blood Oxygen Monitor It can accurately monitor pulses and the active and resting heart rate changes to generate a professional heart rate report. Support blood pressure monitor and blood oxygen monitor(It's non-professional medical equipment, blood pressure data is only as a reference ). (3)Sleep Monitor It monitors your sleep quality through measurement of duration for deep sleep, non-REM sleep, and waking condition. (4)Multiple Sports Modes It has 8 sports modes: running,cycling,climbing,swiming ec. It has the functions of Pedometer, Distance, Calorie, Stopwatch. (5)IP68 Waterproof It can easily deal with daily waterproofing (It cannot swim or contact with hot water and fit for normal cold water environment). (6)Long Time Standby 150mah Battery, long standby time up to 5-7 days in the ordinary situation, saves the frequent charging trouble. (7)More Functions Breathing light ,Reminder push, SMS alerts push, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, calorie calculation, stopwatch, low battery alert, raising bright screen,low power consumption, heart rate, blood pressure, vibration, exercise mode remote,intelligent alarm, weather forecast Hardware Brand: None Model: K9 Available color: Black,Silver Bluetooth versi...
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