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Excerpt from Authentic and Comprehensive Guide and History of BostonWithin twenty years, have been highly important, and have kept pace with the rapid progress of general musical education in civilized countries, especially in the United States, where elementary knowledge of music is taught gratuitously in the public schools. Thus a general taste for music is cultivated by a knowledge of it, and among us there has been exhibited quite a surprising proficiency in vocal and instrumental music. This general knowledge of and taste for music, has rapidly developed the manufacture of musical Instruments, increased competition, and stimulated the inventive powers of musical mechanical artists. Especially has this been the case in the manufacture ofPiano-Fortes and Cabinet Organs,which in this country are made more perfectly than in any other, and are now largely exported to European and nearly all other foreign countries.In the march of improvement, the manufacturers of Cabinet Organs have outstripped even the makers of Piano-Fortes. This fact has been most emphatically and famously demonstrated by the superlative and pre-eminent excellence of the instruments produced by the greatNew England Organ Co.,1299 Washington Street, Boston,during the last seven years. Their career has been one unbroken round of triumphs, ever since their origin. They have originated, patented, and made widely renowned a greater number of and more important improvements, in the mechanism and cases, than all ...

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