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Brand N/A Quantity 1 Color Black + Silver Material ABS Impedance 72dB Microphone Frequency Response 60Hz~13kHz Sensitivity 600ohm Features Suitable for networking singing songs web chatting outdoor speech exhibition mall promotions etc. Others SMD electronic components SMT technology excellent quality distance up to 30-50 meters; Effectively prevent the interference of computer and DVD digital amplifier; High sensitivity fidelity reproduction; Frequency range: 180MHz~270MHz; Frequency Stability: 50PPM; Modulation Mode: FM; Frequency response: 60Hz~13kHz; Distance: 30~50 meters; Working temperature: -10'C~35'C; Receiving method: Receiver sensitivity: better than 12DBU (S / N = 40dB); Power supply: 5V; Transmitter power: 10mW; Working current: Packing List 1 x Microphone 1 x Receiver (100cm-cable) 1 x 9V battery 1 x Chinese user manual
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