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This S6-1 hanging-type earphone is ultra-light and comfortable to wear. Noodle wire is tangle-free. Adopting remote operation, it is easy to use. With a built-in high-fidelity microphone, you can make a clear phone call. Hanging Type EarphoneUltra-light wearing experience. Bluetooth Stereo HeadsetRemote operation, easy to use. Satisfy Your Discerning EarWear comfortable experience even for a long time, more carefree. Built-in Microphone High-fidelity microphone, you can make a clear phone call. Wide Compatibility Compatible with both Android and Apple system. Specifications ModelS6-1 Sound ChannelStereo Transmission RangeWithin 10m Using TypeHanging type FunctionMusic/voice control/call, etc. Bluetooth VersionV4.2 Using TypeHanging type Package Weight60g Package Size21 x 16 x 5 cm Package Contents1 x Bluetooth Earbuds1 x USB Cable2 x Earhook
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