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In this guided journey of self-discovery, you’ll finally be able to tackle what’s holding you back and make the life-transforming choices you need. You’ll learn how to define your “dream life” and how to map out the action steps to achieve it. Simple, direct and engaging, Living the Life You Love: The No-Nonsense Guide to Total Transformation also includes:• Guided coaching sessions and personalized workbook sections• Practical self-insight exercises and self-care tools• Sanity-saving strategies for dealing with negative and “happily miserable” people• Techniques for neutralizing button pushers and releasing guilt• Instructions for creating effective vision scripts and vision boards• New ways to look at food, exercise and money that make healthy choices easy• A simple process for turning indecision and confusion into passionate actionAward-winning author Paula Renaye is like a best friend who wraps her arm snugly around your shoulders and tells you like it is, even if it’s a little uncomfortable for you. “Snap out of it. You are fabulous, and you can do this!” she says. Renaye gives you the reality check you’ve been waiting for and then shows you step by step exactly how to get out of your rut in a no-nonsense, tough-love way that actually works.This hands-on, cut-to-the-chase guide from a certified professional coach will help you stop procrastinating and start creating a life you will love. This is change you will enjoy
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