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Book DescriptionBestselling author Ronn Elmore pens a powerful novel of a psychotherapist struggling to reconcile the memory of his deceased wife and their time together with the new doors God seems to be opening for his future.Thirty-something psychotherapist Dr. Dwayne Grandison is still recovering from the loss of his wife when ex-TV actress Nina Jordan enters his life. A former wild child, Nina is now a responsible parent and member of his brother's church. When Dwayne and Nina meet for the first time, there is an instant electricity, but Dwayne is still not ready to begin any kind of social life. So it is a big surprise to Nina when Dwayne takes up with Minister Beverlyn Boudreaux, a superstar on the Evangelistic Performer's circuit. Then suddenly, as scandal rocks Dwayne's world, it is the faith of one of these women that opens his eyes and his heart.

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