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name machine b 108 circuit no big loop negative feedback pure post amplifier hifi fever grade high power 12 tubes купить по лучшей цене

The board powerful bass treble clear and melodious. TDA2030A replaced LM1875 also performed well if you want to replace the LM1875 recommended for large heat sink . TDA2030A only have five pins: positive power and negative power positive input reverse input and output. TDA2030A and negative heat sink is connected with a dual power supply heat sink and ground do not short-circuit or immediately burned TDA2030A. New board major improvements : Feature MP3 decoder board audio input pin holder ( specifications 3P-2.0mm) and to the decoder board 9V DC power supply output pin holder (2P-2.0m) Advantages of the board : 18W * 3 strong power peak up to 25W or more. High SNR almost no static noise sound super good : treble delicate soft transparent strong bass full and powerful. Circuit core three new ST TDA2030A manifold which is responsible for about two channels in addition to a subwoofer for use the use of an imported dual op amp ( large S NE5532 or Philips NE5532) do bass preamp before so powerful bass treble crisp and sweet the measured push 100W8 inch Swans speakers equally easy. The new component materials : rings precision metal film resistors monolithic capacitors polyester capacitors electrolytic capacitors connectors and power plug speaker terminals used in all 5.08 the whole process takes only a small screwdriver wiring without soldering on the circuit board it is suitable for electronics enthusiasts and audiophiles rapid improvement and maintenance of multimedia 2.1 amplifier system .
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