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The intention of the study is to discuss the information about floating architectural design strategies, then with cooperative assistance of fuzzy logic compose a ruled-based decision support method. Wind and wave effects on user motion comfort target levels and consequently on structural dimensions are converted into simple linguistic rules using fuzzy logic, providing a tool for the designer to see all the possible set of solutions to meet the required objectives that are set by the designer. Motion effects causing vibration on human bio-dynamics are discussed with experts to frame the rule-based decision support model that is formed with seven input variables converted through fuzzy rules into a single output variable. IF..THEN logical statements in the form of rule base which had wind force, wave height, wave length as input parameters that are not controllable and freeboard height, floating structure base width, superstructure area and superstructure form as controllable input parameters where both the uncontrollable and controllable parameters are also correlated in the premise part of the logical statements between IF and THEN, finally using inference system called Mamdani.
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