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A digital system with all of its poles at origin is termed as deadbeat. Such systems have a remarkable property, their pulse response settles within one sampling period. In this project adaptive deadbeat controller is designed for nonlinear boiler benchmark problem. One of the problem in implementing deadbeat controller alone is, it require perfect plant model. In practice it is difficult to obtain the exact plant model, because when a physical system structure and parameters are not available or dependent on time or operating conditions, a mathematical model representing the system behavior may not be obtained. The majority of processes met in industrial practice have stochastic character. Traditional controllers with fixed parameters are often unsuited to such processes because their parameters change. One possible alternative for improving the quality of control for such processes is the use of adaptive control systems. One of the advantage of implementing adaptive deadbeat controller is, it adjust the controller parameters at each and every sampling instance. Whenever a system parameter change,adaptive mechanism update the deadbeat controller parameter to keep the system stable

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