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Every attack begins with the murder of Crows, the watchers and gossips among the terra indigene, the Others who poke around in the things humans discard...and who might discover secrets some humans don't want revealed. When Meg Corbyn has a dream about blood and black feathers in the snow, Simon Wolfgard, the leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, wonders if their blood prophet dreamed about a past attack or a danger that's heading for their city. Simon has other worries. The Humans First and Last movement is taking root in Lakeside, and when people start acting against the agreements made between humans and Others, the delicate balance of peace is threatened. Added to that, two addictive drugs have been connected with the violence between humans and Others in various cities. Simon has his suspicions about the drugs and wonders if there is more than prophecy in the blood of the cassandra sangue. But the Others have allies among the humans. The Intuits, a group long persecuted by other humans because of their highly tuned intuition, are looking for a stronger connection with the Lakeside Courtyard as protection from the unrest in nearby Talulah Falls. And Lieutenant Crispin James Montgomery and his men continue to help protect Meg Corbyn from the man who wants her captured...or dead. As attacks continue in many parts of Thaisia, will a handful of humans working with a single Courtyard be enough to convince the rest of the terra indigene that a partnership is possible? Or will the Others choose a permanent way of dealing with the human problem?

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