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The importance of the topic is that the regulation of reservations to human rights treaties brings lots of issues, even though on theoretical level it seems to be unproblematic. Firstly, there is a major group of states that want to become parties to the treaties that protect human rights and make reservations to fundamental provisions of them at the same time. Secondly, the state parties that make objections to the reservations have to decide if the reservation is compatible with the object and purpose of the treaty or not. The regulation that is laid down in Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties creates difficulties for the state parties and withdrawal of reservations seems to be more problematic in reality than it is in theory. In order to find the solutions for the above mentioned issues, the author analyses whether the Vienna Convention on the Law of the Treaties regime works properly within the mechanism of making reservations to the human rights treaties, what reservations should be kept invalid and what could be the solutions for the most effective protection from the invalid reservations that address fundamental rights of human beings in the human rights law.

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