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U5 125W 3000LM Waterproof Motorcycle LED Headlight High Power Spot Light Specification: Material: Strengthening Aluminum alloy Body Color: Black,Chrome Light Color: White Input Voltage:12V-80V DC Actual power: 10W Light Power: 15W Flux: 3000LM Range:200 meters LED Color Temperature:6000k-7000k Environment Temperature: -40---40 degree centigrade Features: With U5 LED Lamp Beads High quality, easy install, durable Very bright, waterproof Service life over 30,000 hours. Cool design, with aluminum alloy material 3 Light modes:High Beam, Low Beam And Strobe Functions Installation: The product comes with the bracket, screws and tools, just fixed it. Red Wire Positive & White Wire Negative How to change the model: Conneting to a light switch, Turn it on, Hight beam. turn it on and off Low beam, turn it on and off strobe, this mode repeats Fitment: Universal fit for bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck,boat Package includes: 1 X Motorcycle Headlight
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