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Description: Performance: high temperature, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low thermal capacity; excellent high-temperature insulation performance, long service life; touch with anti-melting aluminum, zinc and other nonferrous metals etching capability; has good low temperature and high temperature strength; non-toxic, harmless, no adverse effects on the environment; Applications: coke heads automobile exhaust heat insulation car exhaust pipe insulation motorcycle exhaust pipe insulation Anti domestic gas water heater exhaust pipe insulation household gas pipeline fire insulation Applications and effect: Automobile exhaust heat coke head: an effective barrier to heat the engine exhaust manifold, Effectively reduce the temperature of the engine room, power lines and pipeline protection, reduce the body temperature. Automobile exhaust pipe insulation: effectively reduce exhaust noise. Motorcycle exhaust pipe heat insulation against hot, effective insulation motorcycle exhaust pipe Themselves or their families to prevent burns. Specification: Color: Titanium color Material: glass fiber Insulation temperature: up to 900-1200 degrees Size: 1.5mm * 50mm * 5m(HXWXL) Usage: cotton insulation wrapped around the exhaust pipe rotating clip can be fixed. Package included: 1x insulation tape 6x fixed ties

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