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Chip the main function: LPC800 series MCU is to adopt the ARM? CortexTM M0 + kernel 32-bit low-power microprocessor running frequency up to 30 MHz. LPC800 encapsulated with low pin the highest support 16 KB on chip and 4 KB SRAM memory in the Flash memory. LPC800 series microcontroller integrated flexible peripheral modules including hardware CRC calculation and calibration module one I2C bus interface as many as three road UART SPI interface 2 road one multi-rate timer one from the wake up timer a state can be configured timer (SCT) an analog comparator Unique switch matrix (which can realize the freedom of I/O port distribution) and as many as 18 general I/O port. Features: kernel and system: Using the latest + kernel architecture (M0 running frequency up to 30MHz. The kernel of the dynamic power consumption of Cortex-M0+ is 2/3 of Cortex-M0. Support the I/O access opening single cycle.Integration to scale weight map registers can be easily remapping exception vector. Built-in nested vector interrupt controller (NVIC). Integrated Micro Trace Buffer MTB (Micro Trace Buffer). The Boot ROM application function interface API:LPC800 series microcontroller used to peripheral drive API including the UART/I2C/power management etc. UART driver API: can implement USART simple configuration and use. I2C drives API: Including the I2C driver to send and receive data master-slave mode of inquiry to send and receive data the interruption of master-slave mode to send and receive data and so on. Power management API: through simple call API interface function realize the dynamic selection of power dissipation and performance. ISP/IAP API: by calling the ISP or IAP API interface function implementation in system programming and application programming. Digital peripherals: General GPIO: as many as 18 general GPIO pin is connected to the ARM architecture (M0 + kernel of I/O bus interface I/O operation can realize single cycle. Switch Matrix SWM (Switch Matrix) : LPC800 series microcontroller characteristic of Switch Matrix module makes digital peripherals can flexibly assigned to external pins. Mechanism for switching matrix digital peripherals corresponding external pin is no longer a fixed greatly enhance the external equipment layout flexibility. State can be configured Timer SCT (State Configurable Timer): with functions of input and output (capture and matching) the state of the timer can be configured through the switch matrix function pin allocated to external pins. The MRT multi-rate Timer (Multi - Rate Timer): four programmable and rate their fixed channel each channel has repeated two interrupts and a single interrupt mode. Self Wake-up Timer: From the low power mode regularly since the wake up function. Hardware CRC calculation and calibration module. Window watchdog timer (WWDT). Analog peripherals(ACMP): external input voltage as a reference voltage source through an external reference voltage input pin switch matrix flexible allocation also can choose to use the internal reference voltage source.
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