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FAMILY MANIf wishes were horsesThe child's wish: A pony of her own. For her twelfth birthday–just as her father had promised years ago.The father's wish: A safe and happy life for his daughter. That's all Mike Whitten's ever wanted. And that means keeping her away from Liz Matthews and her «germ-filled» camp for young horselovers. It also means breaking his promise–a promise made in haste–at a time when Mike would have done anything to bring a smile to his child's face.The woman's wish: That Mike would stop treating his daugther as though she were made of glass. And–if Liz Matthews could sneak in a second wish–that he would start looking at Liz as more than just his daughter's riding teacher."A wonderful romance. Strong. Emotional. Superb. A real page-turner."–Patricia Potter, bestselling author of Starcatcher"Carolyn McSparren is a terrific, talented newcomer who has a gift for finding the emotional compass of a story."Debra Dixon, award-winning author of Bad to the Bone and Doc Holliday
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