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Filmed in the elegant surroundings of the 19th century Teatro Sociale in Como, Italy, this amazing show features MIKA performing all his best-loved songs accompanied by a full orchestra conducted by Simon Leclerc. The show is a perfect fusion of pop and orchestral and includes tracks from his most recent album, the critically acclaimed No Place In Heaven, alongside hits from across his hugely successful career. As ever, MIKA is a charming and amiable host and is clearly in his element interacting with the orchestra and conductor Simon Leclerc. This is a magical performance captured in beautiful surroundings and not to be missed.Tracklist:01. Overture02. Underwater03. Boum Boum Boum04. Rain05. Last Party06. Overrated07. Any Other World08. Love You When I'm Drunk09. Ordinary Man10. Heroes11. Toy Boy12. Grace Kelly13. Over My Shoulder14. Good Guys15. Make You Happy16. Happy Ending17. Origin Of Love18. Relax (Take It Easy)19. Elle Me Dit20. Love Today21. Stardust
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