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Migration being the movement of human beings maintained close relations with mankind from its earliest stage and played a significant role in the development of society. Migration in pursuit of better employment, better wages and better quality of life, there is apparently nothing objectionable. But rural labour migration becomes objectionable only when it culminates in deprivation of migrant workers of the irreducible barest minimum to which every worker is entitled. It also becomes objectionable when exploitative instincts of employers, contractors or subcontractors take over the finer aspects of human character which may be characterized by the denial of dignity, justice, equality and the inalienable human rights of migrant labours. The book analyses the historical trajectory and its political economy of Palamur labour migration in Andhra Pradesh, India. It also examines the reasons for rural distress migration, the circle of contract labour system, the human rights violation of migrant labour in destination (Hyderabad city). Further, it is also focuses on the changing nature of Indian state and its impact on unorganized labour in general and migrant labour in particular.

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