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Color Pink + Green + Multi-Colored Size L Brand OthersCHEJI Quantity 1 Set Material 12% Spandex + 88% polyester Gender Women's Seasons Four Seasons Shoulder Width - cm Chest Girth - cm Sleeve Length - cm Waist 68 cm Hip Girth 2~2.5 inch Total Length 24 cm Suitable for Height 155~175 cm Best Use CyclingMountain CyclingRecreational CyclingRoad CyclingBike commuting & touring Suitable for Adults Type Short Pants Other Features This pad in addition to sustained dry and comfortable plus seamless design allows skin from seam friction the bump surface allows sweat faster volatilization from the sport of cycling vibration and impact of chronic health damage; In addition even if a long time riding sport pad does not collapse. A long period of time so that the rider riding movement to minimize friction damage Asota Sanitiged ( Health bacteria ) is a permanent anti-bacterial anti-microbial antifungal treatment on fiber the spinning process of effective components that join this fiber when in the daily use of their proportion of lose and then from within the fiber continue to move out Add enough to prevent the concentration of bacterial growth and does not damage the skin; can prevent the degradation caused by the smell and prevent the growth of bacteria can damage the textilesAfter long time exercise also won't produce sweaty odo Packing List 1 x Underwear
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