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Fisheries have been playing a vital role in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh from time immemorial. The country showed a very impressive growth in shrimp and fish processing industry in terms of foreign exchange earnings over last few years. For entering the major export market of Europe and North America with a safe and sound food product, complying HACCP, a worldwide recognized food safety standard, is obligatory. Although, remarkable improvements in infrastructural and quality management facilities have been undertaken at processing plants, post-harvest losses of prawn have been reported at grass root level. Giant freshwater prawn (M. rosenbergii) is considered one of the most important aquaculture products of Bangladesh for its palatability and consumer demand. The study was carried out to evaluate the level of HACCP implementation in prawn farms under Mymensingh region. Thorough investigation on overall condition of prawn farms, various water quality parameters, quality of feeds used, post harvest handling and preservation practices were made. This book, therefore, should be helpful for academicians, researchers and policy makers working on food safety issues.

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