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The Cushion Covers is a great Christmas gift for friends, kids, couples, workmates, etc. Christmas Cotton Pattern Create a Merry Christmas atmosphere for your home and bring more surprise and joy to the people who love life. High Quality Cotton/Linen Material Natural and eco-friendly, comfortable and soft, it will make you have a good rest. Great Workmanship Exquisite workmanship in every detail, durable for long-term use. Applications Suitable for home, sofa, bedroom, room, office, coffee shop, great Christmas decoration. Warm Note The pillow inner is not included. Specifications Name 45 x 45cm Christmas Series Cushion Covers Type Pillow Case Material Linen, Cotton Pattern Cotton Shape Square Product Size 45 x 45cm (L x W) Package Weight Approx. 185g Package Size 15 x 15 x 10cm Package Contents 1 x (45 x 45cm) Christmas Series Cushion Cover
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