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English for Students of Arabic Language and Literature is designed for students whose major is Arabic as a foreign language (AFL) but are additionally pursuing learning English as a second foreign language (ESFL). The book is also suitable for Arab learners of English who are interested in topics related to their native language, literature and culture. It assumes that the users of the book are familiar with the basic vocabulary and grammar of English and includes passages of relevance to the field of Arabic language and literature. The book includes 12 lessons with the main emphasis on reading and understanding written texts. There is some vocabulary help before and after the main passages in each lesson. There are also carefully formulated leading questions after the main readings so that learners'' attention is drawn toward points in them that are critical to their understanding. Another feature in the exercises is the interesting bilingual pieces of writing. There are short poems, inspirationals and sayings in both Arabic and English and learners are to evaluate the quality of the translations and do some vocabulary practice.
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