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The concept of library has been changed at today’s electronic environment due to rapid growth of Information and Communication Technology, which created a revolution in every sphere of library especially in its collection. Before some decades Lancaster stated that we are growing towards paperless society very rapidly and Prof. R. G. Prashar stated that paperless society is a distance dream. That day has gone when it was only a dream now that very idea is whimsical all over the world. Every university library is giving more attention on e-resources and also allocating some special amount in their library budget for their e-resource collection. The growth in electronic library systems has forced to review of the library services and structures. The increasing provision of information online, as opposed to on shelf, is evident in a vast array of information services. The benefits of this change are significant because many users may access the same information simultaneously; costs are reduced; and staff time in shelving and handing resources is minimized. This book will help to know about users to take decisions, set policy and make design for effective e-resources and services.

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