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Contents - Foreword - Introduction - List of Plates- - I Greenhouse and Plant Frames - 2 The Garden Room or Annex - 3 Bottle Gardening - 4 Ventilating, Watering, Feeding and Potting - 5 Methods of Propagation - 6 Warm Greenhouse (Stove) Plants - 7 Cool Greenhouse Plants (Soft-wooded) - 8 Hard-wooded Greenhouse Plants - 9 Annuals for the Cool Greenhouse - 10 Cacti and Other Free-flowering Succulents - 11 Attractive Greenhouse Climbers - 12 Greenhouse Plants which grow from Bulbs, Corms and Rhizomes - 13 Free-flowering Orchids for the Beginner - 14 Greenhouse Plants with Attractive Berries - 15 Ornamental-leaved Plants (including Ferns) - 16 Forcing Hardy Plants - 17 Colourful Plants for the Unheated Greenhouse - 18 Pests, Diseases and Insecticides - Index - Preface - Professor of Botany - I have written this book for the benefit of those who wish to grow suitable plants to provide flowers in a greenhouse or conservatory or to use for room decoration, during all seasons of the year. Plants which do not flower freely and are not of great decorative value have been omitted, and only those which I have found to be ideal for the purpose have been dealt with in this book. There is a vast number of greenhouse plants to be seen in botanical gardens and large private establishments, but only a limited number are offered for sale by nurserymen. From these plant catalogues, which they issue free of charge, I have selected the most decorative kinds and have given the fullest details of th...
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