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Detailed, cross-country road map of Carinthia, the adjoining areas of Italy and most of Slovenia, with index and city centre street plans of Graz, Klagenfurt, Villach, Ljubljana, Rijeka and Venice. The map clearly shows national road networks as well as provincial and local roads, with each class of road clearly indicated and road numbers shown. Intermediate driving distances between locations are marked. Railway lines, local airports, ports and marinas are also shown. Topography is indicated by relief shading and spot heights, and colour shading is used to show land types such as forests or marshland. International and provincial boundaries are clearly marked, as are national parks, nature reserves and restricted military areas. Symbols indicate various sights and locations of tourist interest, such as churches, leisure and sports facilities, panoramas and viewing points, monuments and historic sites, etc. Selected hotels and campsites are also marked.

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