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Outdoor emergency tool set including the multi-tool card rare earth alloy ignition rods compass wire saw emergency whistle multifunction flashlight pliers easy to carry. 1. Multifunction tool card small size multi-function features include canned from the pliers; side of knife; slotted screw pliers; straightedge; Opener; outer hexagonal wrench; wrench; double staggered sawtooth; direction recognizer; positioning wrenches; circular hole. 2. Rare earth alloy Ignition rods direct fire can not ignite scooped into the water can be wiped away immediately make fire. Rare earth alloy Ignition rods can be make fire under wet cold rain and snow weather make fire in low pressure. 3. Compass compact and flexible high sensitivity. 4. Wire saws saw blades sharp and smooth features do not hurt the hand is the fastest existing pocket wire saw. 5. Emergency whistle loud sealing position good seal. Can put pills and personal information. 6. Multifunction flashlight pliers multi-functional and very practical. Various functions foldable open. And folding or opening adjustable elastic. Compact and easy to carry when folded. LED flashlight super power use a long time. Features include super-power LED flashlight (with 3 x AG3 button batteries); needle-nose pliers; nut jaw; shear thin wire cuts ; Opener; flathead screwdriver; super profits knife; Phillips screwdriver; knife. 7. Refined metal case can store things.
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