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magnetic levitating floating maglev stereo wireless bluetooth 4 1 speaker 85db купить по лучшей цене

Video Brief Description The SC-25 levitating Bluetooth speaker with dynamic stabilization mechanism (DSM) technology is a mesmerizing way to listen to music. Strategically placed electromagnets in the base float the speaker in the air. Employing the updated Bluetooth 4.0 specification that supports enhanced data rate (DDR) and with a battery backup of up to 10 hours, this gravity-defying speaker provides 360 degrees of high-fidelity sound. You can also charge your smartphone or tablet using the USB charging port in the base. Elevate the way you listen to music with the levitating orbital speaker revolutionary floating speaker the cool levitating orbital speaker is no illusion, but pure science! The only thing between the speaker and the base is air. The speaker and the base contain powerful opposing magnets, which repel the speaker and floats it about 2cm above the base, creating the amazing levitating effect levitating orbital speaker is easy to control. To balance the speaker, you need to hold it about a centimeter above the base until you feel it getting caught in the magnetic field. Pairing the speaker to your phone is even simpler. The speaker can also be paired to any Bluetooth-enabled phone the normal way and controlled from up to 10 meters away the levitating orbital speaker’s unique design reduces sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating the speaker above the base. You can enjoy the same high-quality, distortion-free stereo sound anywhere in the room. Features Suspension in the Air Floating technology design which allows you to enjoy the happiness of listening music, with full 360º Rotation Bluetooth V4.0 Adopt the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, faster and more stable transmission. 10-meter transfer distance will meet your needs. 360° Stereo Surround New outlook combined with the magnetic levitation technique, 360° stereo surround, fantastic bass, let you enjoy the high-quality music. Super Bass Due to the fact that the speaker does not touch the ground, it does not lose sound through vibration this results in a cleaner sound. Offering the excellent auditory feeling. Cool LED Lights It comes with blue visual effects from the LED light. Freely switch the mode of LED light. Lightweight and Portable Carry it to the kitchen, garden, car, beach, boat, or pool and get a party started anywhere! Good Choice for a Present A perfect present for your family and relatives, high quality backed and with the reliable warranty. Notice Speaker Setting Place the base on a horizontal surface and get it electrify, then the LED light will turn up to blue. 1. Put the auxiliary stand at the central of the base, place the speaker orb on the base. When levitating, remove the stand. 2. Hold the speaker orb, vertically placed it at 2cm above the center of the base. When feeling it in a balance, release your hands, the speaker will levitate on the base. If it is not in a balance, the LED light will twinkle. Bluetooth ConnectionTurn on the speaker, the indicating light will turn to blue. After hearing the tone, the red light and blue light will flash alternately, waiting for a connection. When connected, the blue light will keep on. (paring name: SC-25) Specification Model SC-25 Name Levitating Bluetooth Speakers Bluetooth CSR4.0 compliant Wireless Range 10 meters Speaker 2W x 2 Built-in Rechargeable Battery 550mAhv Charging Time 2-3 hours Playing Time 4-5 hours Frequency Range 150Hz ~ 18000Hz Magnetic Base Power Input 12V, 1.5A Magnetic Base USB Port Output 5V, 1A Speaker Orb Size 90mm diameter Speaker Orb Weight 210g Audio Fine tuned 45mm audio driver (3W x 2 Dual Voice Coil) Speaker Orb Power Up to 5 hours of continuous play Battery Built-in rechargeable 550mAh Lithium-ion battery Bluetooth Bluetooth CSR4.0 compliant Base Size 147mm diameter x 21mm height Base Weight 510g Speaker Orb Floating Height 10mm Total Height 121mm (base: 21mm + float: 10mm + orb: 90mm) Total Weight 720g Package Contents 1 x Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 1 x Charger Adapter, 1 x User Manual, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Matching Stand, 1 x Base
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