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Description: M3.2-M12.4 HSS Counterbore End Mill Cutter CNC Bit Specification: Material High-speed steel Length Approx. 60-70 mm Shank diameter 10mm Quantity 1pcs Type #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Item M3.2 M4.2 M5.2 M6.2 M8.2 M10.3 M12.4 Size 3.2x5.9 4.2x7.4 5.2x8.9 6.2x10.4 8.2x13.4 10.3x16.8 12.4x18.8 Features: Mill Cutter, usually used to be assembled on milling machine. Suitable for carved, high-speed machines. Can milling of copper, aluminum, tool steel, cast iron, etc. High toughness, abrasion resistance, high-speed cutting for the high hardness. Can processing directly or fine processing to the heat treatment mold. Reducing the number of tool changes, improve machine actuator movement rhythm, save mold making time. Note: Please note that the package includes one end mill cutter only. Package Included: 1 x End Mill Cutter More Details:
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