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lpsecurity 5pcs standalone 70 80db siren alarm drawer door window shutter contact magnetic reed sensor alarm switch no battery купить по лучшей цене

With Voice Record LCD Screen and Keypad; Usage: Door / Window; Wireless frequency: 433MHz; Wired zone: 8; Wireless zone: 100; Voice: Spanish / French / English; Siren volume: 110dB; LCD screen with time clock display; Adaptor power: DC 12V 1000mA; Static consumption: <55mA; Alarm current: <450mA; Output current: DC 12V 150mA; Wireless frequency: 433MHz; Backup battery: 6 x Nl-MH AAA batteries DC 7.2V; Temperature: -20℃~+55℃; Encoded mode: 2262 IC / 4.7 Mohm Function: 1. 100wireless and 8 wire defense zones. 2. At most 8 wireless remote controller codes. 3. Blue backlighting graphic display for clear information. 4. 6 groups of voice alarm phones(mobile phone) and 2 groups of phones Central Monitoring Station. 5. Built-in perpetual calendar and clock; automatic logging of alarm cases by time sequence. 6. Message recording playback: human recording. 7. More defense modes: remote defense keypad defense and non-local remote defense by telephone; stay-in defense timing defense and individual defense in zones. 8. Programming of defense zone type: all zones could be programmed for real-time delayed 24-hour and bypass alarm modes. 9. Alarm Position Programming: Intelligent automatic speech recognition: SOS alarm fire alarm gas leak magnetic contact alarm hall alarm window alarm balcony alarm and boundary alarm. 10. Timing armand disarm: panel features automatic timing arm and disarm. 11. Intelligent Music Alarm: full voice prompt. Stay at home arm with music and voice alarm external siren mute; Out arm with voice alarm loud external siren alarm. 12. Control panel status memory: Panel can automatically memorize arm and disarm which could enable the panel to automatically recover arm or disarm state as before even power off or restart the panel. 13. Line priority alarm: the panel will cut the busy call and switch to priority alarm in case of the alarm during ongoing call no matter incoming or outgoing call. 14. Phone disconnection detection: automatic detection and alarm warning in line-cutting anti-sabotage of telephone lines. 15. Out arm delayed time could be set at will. 16. Control panel is equipped with battery box with optional AAA NI-MH rechargeable battery. Control panel meets China's 3C Safety standards and national standard GB 12663-2001 CE & RoHS Certification. 17. Compatible with international universal accepted protocol of CMS: ADEMCO Contact ID alarm communication protocol.
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