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DSP PLL 87-108MHz Digital Wireless Microphone Stereo FM Transmitter Module Description: 1: The use of advanced digital audio signal processing (DSP) technology and FM modulation phase-locked loop (PLL) to make sound more realistic, more stable performance, long working hours without frequency offset. 2: LCD display is more intuitive and accurate, with a very low power consumption and minimal noise interference. 3: Built-in 16 digital volume adjustment button operation can be easily completed. 4: All the data is automatically power down before the power failure memory of 100 years is not lost. 5: multi-channel audio input automatically switches Product parameter: Output power: 100mW Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz-18KHz Transmission frequency: 87.0MHz-108.0MHz Modulation modes: standard FM radio Channel: LINE / USB channel (stereo) MIC channel (mono) Equivalent Noise: >30dB (sound close to CD quality) Supply voltage: DC 3.0V-5.0V Working Current: 35mA Transmitting antenna: 75cm telescopic antenna Transmission Distance: 75cm standard whip antenna connection, Radio Tecsun PL-660, measured 100 meters of open land. Size: 26.5 x 49mm Back when the light (with back light button operation, no key operation automatically turns off the backlight 20 seconds, depending on the camera issue, LCD visual effect than the actual photo is good). Application: FM wireless audio, USB PC audio broadcasting, wireless microphones, maternal and child care. Instructions for use: 1: Power Module corresponding port - + respectively, then the power supply (battery) negative and positive, with a battery or other power source is recommended power supply. You can not use the switching power supply without a filter (such as mobile phone chargers, and other low-quality switching power supply) otherwise interfere with the power generated will affect the normal operation of the module. This module is the normal operating voltage of 3.0-5.0V, be careful not to exceed the supply voltage range. 2: Key Volume +/-: Press the volume +/- 1, +/- Press continuous Frequency +/-: Press frequency volume +/- 0.1MHZ, long press the continuous +/- 1MHZ Mute: Press to switch mute / un-mute 3: Antenna ANT port for connecting an FM antenna, in order to better transmit FM signals, the proposed length of 75cm external whip antenna, and as close to the antenna is not obstructed. 4: USB audio connection If you need this module USB audio broadcast function, you need to connect the USB cable to the computer. USB port and is compatible with ordinary mobile phones, it can use the USB cable to connect the phone and the computer module. Comes due to computer USB 5V output, so you can directly connect the computer with a USB port with USB provides power to the module. After connecting the computer USB, this module will automatically enter the PC audio broadcast mode, LCD screen will display the PC, the computer will automatically install the driver side, and to this module named "CD002" sound card device, set inside a computer voice-enabled and Enable the "CD002" audio equipment, computer systems to audio through this module, FM transmitter ways, near a radio frequency to transmit frequency and consistency of the module to the computer to listen to the audio of the module end system launch. 5: LINE audio connection If you need this module LINE (line input) channel as the source transmitter, just the audio cable into this module, 3.5mm audio jack and the other end into your audio device (such as a cell phone headset hole) can be, and the module automatically switch to LINE channel FM transmitter as the source. As long as the adjustment to nearby FM radio transmission frequency and consistency of the module you can hear the audio from the handset side. 6: FM wireless microphone If you need this module as the source emission MIC, LINE simply unplug the cord and USB cable (ie not LINE and USB connection) the module automatically go MIC FM channel as a source of emission, this module comes in a very high sensitivity body microphones, wireless microphones can be applied as needed, maternal and child custody. Note that when using this module transmitter to adjust the volume with the best pickup effect. Note: 1: Power supply voltage shall not exceed the supply voltage range of this module. 2: You can not hit the back of the device module at work, so as not to affect the normal operation of the module, or cause a short circuit burned modules. 3: Work should avoid local radio transmission frequency to avoid mutual interference affecting transmission range of this module. 4: FM radio transmitters in conjunction with the use of in order to achieve the desired effect, so it is critical to select the radio. Receiving distance distance, the sound quality is good or bad and the receiver have a great relationship. In order to better functioning of this module is recommended that you use with high-quality radio. 5: This module is installed in the circuit board components, you need to take a good line to work. Buyers need to have some working knowledge of electronics. For buyers do not understand electronics, do not recommend buying this module. 6: OUR goods only provide limited technical support, please see the product description before use. 7: In order to make this module used for more applications, this module provides parts support, the board may be open to buy all the parts (contact customer service) Package included: 1 x DSP PLL 87-108MHz Digital Wireless Microphone Stereo FM Transmitter Module
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