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Video SKYRC D100 is a dual-channel charger with two independent circuits that allows you to charge two different kinds of batteries at the same time. It also supports power distribution in AC mode to get max charging power to reduce charging time. Moreover, you can set the terminal voltage by yourself and connect it to PC for PC control and firmware upgrade. Besides that, you can also use it as Lithium Battery Meter and Battery Internal Resistance Meter. There are Automatic Charging Current Limit, Capacity Limit, Temperature Threshold and Processing Time Limit which makes the charger safe to use. A maximum safety feature will automatically monitor the charging current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold, processing time limit and has a built-in cooling fan. The SKYRC has a individual cell voltage balance, which means you won't need to connect to an external balancer for balance charging. You are able to control the pack voltage, cell voltage and other data during the charging process. View the charging date in real time graphs from “Charge Master” Tilt Stand Design Support the chargers at different tilt angels to get the best operational experience. Dual Channels Design It can charge two batteries intelligently and automatically at once. Power Distribution In AC Mode For example, if the channel A is 70W, then the channel B is 30W, the total power is 100W. Li-HV Mode Available You can charge the new generation of Li-Po batteries with an end of charge voltage of 4.35V in Li-HV mode. Lithium Battery Balancer The SKYRC D100 employs an individual-cell-voltage balancer, you do not need to connect an external balancer for balancing charging. Maximum Safety Automatic charging current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold, processing time limit, and built-in cooling fan. Program Data Store/Load Be able to store max 10 different charge /discharge profiles for each channel. You can keep the data involved with program setting of the battery of continuous charging or discharging. You can call out these data at any time without any special program setting. Battery Meter/Battery Resistance Meter You can check the battery's total voltage, the highest voltage, the lowest voltage and each cell's voltage, as well as the battery's total internal resistance and each cell's internal resistance by this charger. Terminal Voltage Control The charger allows user to change the end voltage. (for expert user only) PC Control You can monitor pack voltage, cell voltage and other data during the charging, view charge date in real-time graphs, and can also control charging and update firmware from "Charge Master". Smart Phone Control/Monitor Via WiFi Module This charger can be controlled and operated by smart phones via Wi-Fi module (both iOS and Android ). Specifications Brand SKYRC Item Name D100 charger Input Voltage AC100-240V/DC 11-18V Charge Circuit PowerDC input 2 x 100W, AC input 100W (support power distribution) Discharge Circuit Power2 x 10W Charge Current Range 0.1-10A Discharge Current Range 0.1-5A Current Drain for Balancing Port Max 200mA/cell Charger Trickle Charging Current 30mA-300mA&Off NiCd/NiMH Battery Cell Count 1-15 cells Li-ion/Fe/HV Cell Count 1-6 cells PB Battery Voltage 2-20V Product Weight975g Product Size16.3 x 15.3 x 7.2 cm Package Contents1 x Skyrc D100 Dual Balance Charger/Discharger
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