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What is the nature of human language? How did it originate? How are different languages connected?Exploring over two thousand years of human enquiry, The Stories of Linguistics is an accessible introduction to the individuals, ideas and events that have shaped the field of linguistics. From Herodotus to Chomsky, and from philosophy to neuroscience, Kim Ballard presents a fascinating narrative that brings to life a dynamic subject with a rich history. The Stories of Linguistics:• uses a thematic rather than a traditional chronological approach to explore the complex development of Western linguistics• offers an accessible introduction to a field of linguistics which is attracting more and more interest• guides readers seamlessly through linguistic history, supported by timelines and suggestions for further reading and researchWith its broad scope and conversational style, The Stories of Linguistics is an ideal introductory text for students at every level, as well as anyone else with an interest in the history and development of language.

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