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Leather Shoe Industry in South India is endowed with natural livestock wealth, blessed with a strong and large installed production capacity and strongly supported by manpower and institutional assistance. The government policies have been facilitating comfortable climate for the substantial investment and infusion of new technology. Various forces operating within and outside the industry determine the working of this industry. However, the successful performance of leather shoe industry depends upon the effective functional management areas like production, finance, marketing and human resource performance. These functions are responsible to certain extent in influencing the overall performance of the industry. This is one of the critical dimensions in dictating the effective or ineffective performance. Hence, the research has been carried out to know the general practice of these functional variables in this particular industry. The performance of the industry has been analysed through Categorical and Multiple Regression. The overall performance and effectiveness of this industry is analysed through Multiple, Categorical Regression, Control charts and Discriminant analysis.

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