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Description: MK-328 Transistor Tester Capacitor ESR Inductance Resistor Meter LCR NPN PNP MOS Features: 1. Using 2014 V1.11 latest version of the software, using the M328 chip, more features. German author Karl - Hans design in hardware and software compatible with the majority of fans of easy software updates escalating. 2. Using 12864 dot matrix LCD display richer content, illustrated. 3. Use a 9V battery, with battery compartment for easy battery replacement. 4. Measure the inputs have protection circuit, false positives can reduce the damage caused by the charged capacitor meter. 5. With a standard 10-pin AVR-ISP download outlets, convenience is programmed . 6. affect the accuracy of the relevant resistance using thousandth film resistors, and the remaining one percent is also used thin-film resistors. 7. The instrument has bracket for easy use. Specification: Dimensions: 83(W) x 152(height) x 34(depth)mm Weight : Host ( without battery ) approximately 200 grams Current: When 9V voltage, stable operating current of about 20mA Package includes: 1pc Transistor Tester Details pictures:
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