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In a classic, personal story of faith and fortitude, find out what it was like to get up at 3:00 o'clock in the morning after three hours of sleep and then go out to fly an open cockpit biplane just inches off the ground at 100 MPH! From the view through a bug-splattered windshield (and over 200 B&W photos) go BACK in time to see how seemingly unconnected events prepared a boy, and then a young man, to join this very exclusive club. Then go FORTH to experience the thrills of soloing a Grumman AgCat for the first time and later the chills of crashing through your first set of power lines! After that, keep on crop dusting Back-and-Forth for over two decades of hair-raising flying on the razor's-edge until your mind and body are finally spent and then...find out why it was all worthwhile. So let's cinch up our crash helmet, strap on our safety harness, light the fires, and go...BACK-N-FORTH!
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