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Function and role: 0HZ frequency pulse signal will be converted to 10K or so into an analog voltage signal 0-10V can be used to interface to match the interface between the PLC and the frequency converter or motion control cards and other inverter control applications. Input pulse level is 5V 12V 24V can be directly entered without resistance string but the input signal frequency to maintain more than 0.5 seconds. The output current is 5mA Use: Multi-turn potentiometer board is used to calibrate the correspondence between the frequency and voltage of. Input supply voltage range of DC 12~30V; Signal input with the optical coupling isolation. To ensure that the anti-jamming capability. F / V converter module the response time of about 0.3~0.5 seconds. Bottom plate is marked with the name of each interface easy as wiring logo and wiring relationship: GND - common ground 0-10V - 0 to 10V analog output level GND --- common ground 12-30V - Power input is positive GND - negative pulse frequency input 0-10KHZ - positive pulse frequency input F / v resistance when transferred to an intermediate value F / v corresponding to the following relationship: 0.1V = 100HZ; 500HZ = 0.5V; 1KHZ = 1V; 2KHZ = 2V; 3KHZ = 3V; 4KHZ = 4V; 5KHZ = 5V; 6KHZ = 6V; 7KHZ = 7V; 8KHZ = 8V; 9KHZ = 9V; 10KHZ = 10V. Each 100HZ frequency of correspondence between 0.1V DC. If the correspondence between the time allowed the board potentiometer can be corrected to fix.
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