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He wrote this book for all those who suffer from the same addictions and mental afflictions he and his family endured. Despite all his pain, Kevin never lost his faith. He wanted all of you who endure the pain that he did to understand what many people struggle with in their daily lives. He urged you to speak up so that our society would be understanding to those in misery, to understand, and to find help, in any way you can, for them. Kevin's message to you who are suffering was to seek help for yourself and your loved ones and realize that suicide hurts everyone: wives, children, parents, extended families, and even those whom you never met. He wanted you to also reach out to God every moment of every day. He wanted you to know that you are loved and that there can be help for you. Kevin's desire was that all those who suffer and read this book would be educated about these afflictions and realize they are understood and loved so that they need never be alone again. This book could be a miracle for yourself or someone you love. Kevin was like a son to me. I loved him. I wish I could have helped save him.
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