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With your Keith Ti50 Ultra Lightweight 400mL Titanium Water Bottle you no longer have to worry about leaching chemicals or harmful side effects. It is constructed of 100% pure grade titanium, which does not react to human fluids and remain safe. Empty, the bottle feels like it weighs next to nothing. A plastic cap with O-ring keeps your liquid safe and secure. Meanwhile, this Titanium bottle can be used to heat up liquids directly over a heat source. This is great for camping and hiking. Pure Grade Titanium Construction For strength, durability, and light weight. Plastic Lid with Handy Loop To attach to backpack or belt. Food Grade Silicone O-ring Seals water in tight. Biocompatibility Completely biocompatible for leach-free, flavor-free, and corrosion-free peace of mind. Narrow Profile Easy to grip and fits in most water bottle pockets. Outdoor Emergency Can be used to boil water on a camping stove. Note 1. Please take away the cap while boiling water.2. When this bottle holds hot water, please keep it out of reach from kids to avoid burn injuries. Specifications Name Keith Ti50 400mL Titanium Water Bottle Brand Keith Model Ti50 Feature Plastic lid Function Can be used to hold cold or warm drinking water Material Titanium, Food grade silicone, Titan Capacity 400mL Product Weight 95 g Product Size 7 x 7 x 18 cm Package Weight 110 g Package Size 8 x 8 x 19 cm
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