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The KEITH Ti6016 Two-piece Titanium Pot adopts Titanium material, which bears lightweight, no-toxic, odorless features. A best tool for outdoor cooking, easy to carry. And the pot lid can be used as a 600ml pot to cook food, very convenient. What's more, the 600ml pot is equipped with ladder design, fits for various cooking methods. Titanium Material Ultra lightweight, non-toxic, odorless and can be heated by electromagnetic oven and naked flame. Multifunctional Pot Lid It is not only a lid, but also can be applied as a 600ml pot or bowl, and it can be combined into one with the 950ml port for easy carry. Heat-resistant and Foldable Silicone Handle Heat-resistant up to 270 degree, and the handles can be folded for space-saving storage and carrying. Easy to Heat The Titanium Pots can be used to cook food with high performance heat transfer. Note Please Do Not heat the Titanium Pots when there is no water inside and keep it away from children when it is filled with hot water. Specifications Name KEITH Ti6016 Titanium Pots Two-piece Outdoor Cookware Set 600ml+950ml Brand KEITH Model Ti6016 Type Titanium Pots Material Titanium, Heat-resistant Silicone Surface Finish Blasting Surface Finish Color As the Pictures Show Capacity 600ml + 950ml = 2150ml Product Weight 84 + 104 = 188g Pot Lid Size 158D x 40Hmm 950ml Pot Size 140.5D x 68Hmm Product Size Approx 158D x 80Hmm Package Weight 200g Package Size 20 x 20 x 10cm Package Contents 1 x KEITH Ti6016 Two-piece Titanium Pots

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