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Brand KING DOUBLE Model KBJ-JA4T Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Black + white Material Handle: ABS + TPR; Blade: Zirconia Specification Blade length: 9.6cm width: 2.4cm Other Features 1.Healthy and environmental: Whatever we cut there is no any taste or any strange smell left on the blade ceramic knife is a kind of healthy and environmental product. 2.Keep the nutrition of food: When you use ceramic knives you wouldn't see any bovril to cut the meat which is because ceramic knife is sharp and thin & it can completely keep all the nutrition. 3.The best sharpness as never need to be sharpened: Our ceramic knife is very sharp and this will not blunt or need sharpening for a couple of years. Packing List 1 x 4" ceramic fruit knife
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