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The Earbuds have been designed to deliver incredible sound quality with extra bass and natural noise canceling. With an integrated microphone, you are able to answer incoming calls with a push on the button. Charging and storing the earbuds is now easier with the protective case acting as a protection and a portable charging station. Used Separately or Simultaneously For mono channel or stereo sound quality. Wireless Earphones No wires at all, enables you to get rid of the tangling cable and freely enjoy wireless music or talk (with mic). Portable Charging Box It can automatically & fully charge the earbuds for up to 4 times; what's more, the charging box can be used to store your earbuds. CVC6.0 Technology Reduce the noise, bring clearer conversation and music playing. Ergonomic Design Fit your ears, will not easily fall out, comfortable to wear. Professional Toning Technology Professional tuners from BOSE, JBL can provide you deep bass, leisure middle and crystal clear treble. Bluetooth 4.2 Seamless pair with your favorite wireless devices including smartphone, tablet and more; meanwhile, it makes sure stable and long-distance transmission. Specifications Brand OVEVO Model Q62 Wearing Type In-Ear Function Answering phone, Bluetooth, microphone, multi-connection function, noise canceling, sweatproof, voice prompt, waterproof Language English Bluetooth Version 4.2 Power DC5V; 800mA Resistance160hms Charging Time About 50 minutes Talk Time About 2.5 Hours Frequency(GHz) 8Hz~2.4KHz Receive Sensitivity101dBm Transmission Distance 5m Working Temperature -10~50°C Charger Weight 98g Headset Weight 4.5g Size φ36*89mm Earphone Piece Size φ16.8*27.5mm Dock Dimension φ36*89mm Package Contents 1 x Pair of Earphone with Charging Dock, 1 x USB Cable, 2 x Pair of Caps, 1 x User Manual
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