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The influence of Led Zeppelin cannot be underestimated. The indelible stamp they have left on the world's musical landscape has acted as a catalyst for countless rock groups that have followed since, and their legacy resonates as loudly today as it ever has. Led Zeppelin's staggering body of work acts as a template for the entire rock genre and each album they recorded is still rightfully hailed a classic. On Led Zeppelin: Closer To Heaven the group and their music are put under the microscope and with the aid of band footage, exclusive interviews, obscure photographs, location shoots and many other features, makes for the best documentary film on the band yet to emerge. Features exclusive interviews with close friends and colleagues of the band including Chris Drejaand Jim McCarty from The Yard birds. Contributions from those around at the time, including Zep's PR manager, their tour promoter and many other musicians with whom they played. Rare band footage and obscure photos. Review, criticism, opinion and insight from the world's leading Led Zeppelin experts. Extra features include interactive gaming feature 'the hardest Led Zeppelin quiz in the world ever'and digital Led Zeppelin discography.

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