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Jack London books by SeaWolf Press were selected for sale by the Jack London Museum.A beautfiul version with the first edition cover. This edition is part of the 100th Anniversary Collection honoring the 100th anniversary of Jack London's death in 1916. In his short 20-year career, he produced more than 50 books. The text and illustrations in this collection are taken from his early publications and the covers are replicas of the first edition covers. Fonts common 100 years ago are used--Century for the text and Bembo on the cover. The book's original format is matched as much as possible.A collection of seven short stories set in Hawaii around the start of the twentieth century. It was published after his death and contains some of his last stories. Jack London had spent a fair amount of time in Hawaii and used that experience to add realism to his tales. They follow various characters that represent 'old' Hawaii versus the 'new' Hawaii. Hawaii was moving from her isolated history to becoming a territorial possession of the United States.

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