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In the time past, there has not been a clear cut indication of time of maturity for use in harvesting yam tuber. Time of tuber harvest is mostly for convenience, especially for economic reason. In this work, the effect of stage of maturity and storage of yam tubers on some quality factors like tuber yield, starch properties including photomicrographs, and sensory properties of boiled and pounded yam were investigated. Properties of leaves on vines were also monitored. This is with the view to determine when yam tuber is matured and due for harvesting. Starch content of leaves was discovered to be a rapid index for determining tuber maturity since the tuber is matured when minimum starch content is obtained in the leaves with no corresponding significant increase in starch content of tuber. Yam tuber is matured for food use and with highest yield before complete senescence of foliage is observed.

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